Boppin' heads with Aaron Rahn!

Boppin' heads with Aaron Rahn!

29 November 2019

You've seen him in the studios, probably ridden with him before, then you won't miss his signature smile and warmth! Get to know Aaron here...

Where were you born/Where did you grow up?

I was born in the stunning British Riviera, Torbay! I grew up in Totnes
not too far from Torbay. If you’ve never been to Totnes think historic
meets hippie town.

When you’re not at BOOM, where are you?

Working at LEON as part of their Guest Happiness Team, Napping,
Trying out new Coffee shops, at the Gym, watching Netflix.

What’s your life motto?

Be Proud, Be Free and Say Yes!

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Snooze my alarm a couple of times then when I finally decide to get up check the weather...praying its not raining. I HATE wearing layers.

If you can have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza. Pizza. Pizza! There is just so many variations and toppings something for every mood.

Friday night/Sunday afternoon - where can we find you?

On a Friday night I tend to keep it chilled as I know I have to get up bright and early to bring it for Double Trouble at Battersea on Saturday morning. On a Sunday afternoon you either wont see me at all as ill be in bed eating all the snacks and having a proper Sloth Sunday or I’ll be out having a spontaneous Sunday Funday and see where the day takes me. Either way I'll be with Mikey!

Tell us about your first BOOM experience?

My first BOOM experience was with Mikey at Holborn. It was in Studio 2 and I was in the back corner and the class was so great but I managed to clip out of the cleats and I had no idea how to get back in. I was too scared to wave Mikey down to ask for help. Luckily it was dark and I was hidden away so no one could see my struggle. I managed to clip back in the end but hey that experience didn’t keep me away for long.

What can a rider expect in your class?

I get very excited very easily especially when I feel the energy in the room suddenly lift. Be prepared to sweat and of course have loads of fun...oh and keep an ear out for some cracking mash-ups. Generally my music ranges massively but if you love House, Pop, Disco music you are in for a treat. You will certainly get that booty shaking and legs moving.

Best part of being an instructor?

The family feel between all the other Boom Cycle family and the riders.

I love speaking to all my riders pre and post class making that connection, then in class we absolutely smash it out the park together because...WE HAVE GOT THIS!

Favourite way to sweat other than BOOM?

Well it 100% is not being cramped on the central line in the London heat wave. One of my many favourite ways to workout is at Sweat IT! The mixture of the run and rig is a killer but I love it. My other top choice would be any of my favourite dance classes...I always leave exhausted but that means I gave it my all.

Piece of advice for first time boomers?

There is nothing to fear about coming to Boom. The media has made spin look like this devil form of exercise but I can assure you that you will leave the dark room with a big smile...and of course sweaty. Boom is a safe and sacred space where there is no judgment and it’s all about you focusing on yourself. Not every instructor will be your cup of tea so try and make it to a few classes and find the right instructor that is on your vibe.


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