Boom Cycle FAQs

What is the cancellation policy for Boom Cycle sessions?

For all rides, Boom Cycle operates a 12 hour cancellation policy. If cancelled less than 12 hours before a class we will not be able to return your class credit. If you are on an unlimited membership you will get a £10 no show fee if you do not cancel 12 hours prior to class.

What if I need to leave early?

Please do not leave a ride early unless you feel unwell or are injured or you feel you are unable to carry on for any medical or health reasons.

What if it's my first time at Boom Cycle?

Please arrive 20 minutes early for your first Boom Cycle session to allow ample time to check in and be shown around the studio. First timers must be ready inside the cycling studio 5 minutes before the class starts for the new rider induction. If you are new and not in the induction, you will not be permitted to ride. Read more on what to expect for your first ride on our New To Boom Cycle page.

I've never done indoor cycling before, what should I expect?

At Boom Cycle we’re all about FUN. You can expect a great workout, at your pace with no intimidation or pressure from our instructors. We turn the lights down low and let loose to great tunes. Boom Cycle is all about how you feel, and we want you to feel great physically and mentally. We’re a welcoming and inclusive space, Boom Cycle is for EVERYONE!

What do I need to bring for my session?

Riders should always bring water into the studio to sip throughout each session. One hand towel is provided on the handlebars of each bike. Simple.

What do I need to wear to class?

General workout wear is perfect for your sessions at Boom Cycle. Any long, loose trousers are discouraged as they may get caught in pedals.

Are there shower facilities at each studio?

There are shower facilities at each location. Shower gel, Cowshed cosmetics body lotion, shampoo & conditioner is provided along with shower towels.

Can I buy water/fill up my water bottle at each studio?

Riders can purchase bottled water and are welcome to fill up their own reusable water bottles at each location with the drinkable water running through the taps. 

Can I get any other drinks?

We sell recovery shakes at all of our Boom Cycle studios. You can pre order your recovery shake at reception before the class and it will be ready and waiting for you when you finish.

At our Battersea studio we also serve a selection of tea and coffee and a range of canned drinks including NOCCO. 

Are there lockers to keep my things in while I ride?

Lockers are available free of charge at each Boom Cycle location. All you need to remember is the combination that you set. 

Is there a place to change clothes?

There are changing areas at each Boom Cycle location.

Are there hair dryers and hair straighteners available?

We have hair dryers and hair straighteners available at each Boom Cycle studio along with plenty of mirrors. 

Which type of cleats do Boom Cycle pedals cater to?

Bikes at both locations accept SPD-MTB and LOOK DELTA compatible cleats

Is there WiFi?

Wifi is available free of charge at each location. Please ask at reception for the password.

If you have any further questions please get in touch