Get to know Lisa, a first time marathoner and Hilary's Hip Hop devotee!

Get to know Lisa, a first time marathoner and Hilary's Hip Hop devotee!

05 April 2019

Ahead of her first marathon in two weeks, our Hammersmith Wednesday 7:15pm regular Lisa tells us how she's been training for the big day and how Boom's helped her along the way!

What's your name/what do you do?

I’m Lisa Dawson - I look after marketing at Clearspring - an authentic Japanese organic food company.

Have you always been active? Is this your first marathon?

Yes, I would say I’m a very active sportsperson, (cycling, walking, boom!) but not when it comes to running. Running has always been my weak spot - however, this IS my first marathon!

Can you tell us a bit more about the story behind your race and fundraising for The Vegan Society?

I wasn’t thinking about entering a marathon until my boyfriend told me that we could run the Brighton Marathon in support of The Vegan Society - who are fundraising for the first time via a marathon. Immediately I was interested, as I could not only challenge myself but also raise money for a cause I feel strongly about.

How do you find the balance between training for your race and juggling work/life?

Quite honestly, with it now being two weeks before race day; running does take up a lot of your life. I am lucky as there is a park only two minutes’ walk from my office, and the Thames is also only two kilometres away. So I wrote out my running schedule in my work calendar, and ran in my lunch breaks. This was back in January, so it was even more difficult to run outside after work, and I was happy as on some days, I got to catch the few hours of daylight in our cold and dark winter days. As I didn’t want to just do running, I mixed up my week with going to Boom on Wednesday evenings and BarreWorks on Tuesday evenings.

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced since starting training for the Brighton marathon?

Looking back at my training now, it's definitely the running 4 times a week and motivating yourself to get your shoes on instead of sitting on the sofa at home or replying to emails at work when its cold outside.

What's your go-to meal after a big, long run?

After my run I usually have a protein shake and then a light meal. I try and have pasta or spaghetti the night before to carb up.

How do you find riding at Boom complementing your marathon training - how many times do you come per week/do you adjust your training weekly?

I cycle everywhere and have taken part in Ride100 (the amazing event cycling 100 miles around London and Surrey on closed roads!) so I’m used to cycling - but when I discovered Hilary and Boom I discovered something I enjoy which is different to cycling on the road. Through Boom I’ve improved on my speed and definitely my legs & core strength. I would say it took me about 5 sessions to understand the correct way to ride and to engage with the right muscles in my body.

How long have you been coming to Boom? Which studio is your home base?

I tried Boom around two years ago at an event at Holborn, but lost touch as it was not near enough to me. I became a regular when Hammersmith opened - My favourite class has to be with Hilary! She has definitely helped me in my training and motivated me and my two other colleagues to join her on her inspiring class every Wednesday evening.

If you could have any theme ride of your choice, what theme would it be?

Definitely has to be Hip Hop - but only if its chosen by Hilary!

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