A female spin instructor models the Girlfriend Collective Dylan Bra, a high neck long line sports bra in a mullberry colour.

Girlfriend Collective Review - Putting the Dylan bra to the test

29 June 2021

Before we stock any brand on the Boom Shop it is road-tested by our instructors to ensure it is seriously comfortable, super supportive and flattering, and oh-so chic. In short, is it the perfect workout gear?

Our Boom Cycle instructor Chloe, put Girlfriend Collective's Dylan bra to the test. Read her full testimonial below!


Q: Why do you love wearing the Dylan?
A: I think this top can be worn for so many occasions ! It’s so versatile, I use it for my spin classes, practicing yoga or for just wearing as a day-to-day top with some jeans. I feel so supported in it without too much restriction.

Q: Does it fit or does it flatter ?
A: It definitely flatters. I think people with different chest sizes will like this top thanks to the nice higher neck cut which adds a nice little design touch.

Q: Is it supportive ?
A: I do think they are supportive, but this is coming from someone who is of a smaller chest size! Haha. Because the material is quite compressing I imagine it will be supportive for many sizes.

Q: Can you stretch comfortably?
A: Yes! I don’t feel any material digging into the skin or feel restricted in my movement. It moulds very nicely to your skin.

Q: How do you find the quality and how does it wash?
A: The quality is superb! For some recycled plastic bottles it feels rather luxurious. It washes just fine along with my other intems of activewear, the shape hasn’t changed at all.

Q: Would you recommend this to a friend?
A: Absolutely!! There so many reasons to love this top. It’s sustainable and gorgeous, what’s not to like ?


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