Two chocolate protein shakes in recyclable plastic cups being held against a red background.

How are Boom Cycle supporting the global green agenda?

05 June 2022

Let's face it, disposable materials are everywhere including in use at Boom Cycle - shake cups, coffee cups, all the lids, straws and the most classic of all the disposable items - water bottles. However, we believe its important to make the best choices possible to support the global green agenda!

We have listed what we're doing with full transparency below so you can rest assured we are making conscious decisions to do better for our planet.

Shake Cups

Our shakes cups are made from PET which is not only recyclable, but it is one of the best plastics you can use. They are very environmentally friendly.

Eco Coffee Cups

All our coffee cups and lids come from Packaging Environmental –Eco packaging Company.

We are planning to move to fully biodegradable cups when they come back in stock.

Recyclable Lids

The lids we use for our coffee cups are recyclable.

4-Cup Carrier

The four-cup carriers we use at studios where we sell coffee are recyclable.

Compostable Straws

We buy our straws from Vegware, a manufacturer who specialise in compostable foodservice packaging. Products are made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials.

The Jumbo Green straw we use is made from PLA – All compostable. (PLA is basically corn starch.)

Reusable water bottles 

We have water-bottle filling stations and reusable water bottles for sale, but if you need or want to purchase bottled water while at a Boom Cycle studio waterbottles are 100% recyclable (bottles, labels and caps).

Our supplier is working on increasing our RPET (recycled PET)
from 51% to 100% as soon as possible.

Other Products

Instead of re-buying small bottles of all the toiletries we offer, we refill them multiple times and recycle old bottles and all our shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion are from Ren Clean Skincare. To give you an idea of the impact of this, we've calculated that in 2019, we saved 4095 x 300ml plastic bottles by refilling.

Also, if you're interested in buying products for your lifestyle the make a difference, check out the Boom Shop for brands like Girlfriend Collective and KeepCup!