Instructor Testimonial: Born Nouli

Instructor Testimonial: Born Nouli

16 June 2020

Before we stock any brand on the Boom Shop it is road-tested by our instructors to ensure it is seriously comfortable, super supportive and flattering, and oh-so chic. In short, is it the perfect workout gear?

Our Boom Cycle head buyer & instructor Rose, put Born Nouli products to the test, then gave us the full low down.

Q. Why do you love wearing Born Nouli?
A. I have a pair of the Wild Thing 7/8 leggings and the matching Crop Bra. Whilst in lockdown my daily outfit mostly consists of a good pair of leggings and a hoodie. The Born Nouli leggings are not only soft but sooo comfortable. With spinning not an option I have been forcing myself to go running and they’re perfect.

Q. Does it *just* fit? Or does it flatter?
A. I would say both for sure. The leggings fit your body and pull you in... and in all the right places!

Q. Are the bras supportive for spinning, running, yoga? High-intensity workouts?
A. They’re really supportive, extremely comfortable and look fantastic. It’s really hard to find a bra that offers a high level of support.

Q. Do the leggings stay opaque when you bend over and stays up?
A. It’s the worst when you’re forever pulling up a pair leggings. The Born Nouli leggings are all high waisted leggings, which means you’re never pulling them up between workouts. And whether your spinning, bending or squatting the prints maintain their awesome designs.

Q. Can you stretch comfortably?
A. Absolutely, these are my go-to leggings at the moment. Whether you’re lounging around the house, running or watching a live yoga video, they are the perfect leggings.

Q. How do you find the quality? How does it wash?
A. Really good quality fabric and they wash like a dream. I hate it when the colour/prints fade – they look like new after each wash!

Q. Would you recommend Born Nouli to a friend?
A. Absolutely, I already have my eye on the Noir Crackle leggings. Today all the stock arrived and now I want to buy all the prints!