Instructor Testimonial: Girlfriend Collective

Instructor Testimonial: Girlfriend Collective

24 June 2020

Before we stock any brand on the Boom Shop it is road-tested by our instructors to ensure it is seriously comfortable, super supportive and flattering, and oh-so chic. In short, is it the perfect workout gear?

Our Boom Cycle instructor Amy, put Girlfriend Collective to the test. Read her full testimonial below!


Q. Why do you love wearing Girlfriend?
A. I have the Topanga bra, high-rise bike shorts and a pair of leggings. They are all so comfortable both for working out and for general wear. They are really well shaped and the material is unbelievably soft. They are also made from recycled materials, so an extra huge plus!

Q. Does it *just* fit? Or does it flatter?
A. The fit is great - they are true to size which is really helpful when wanting to buy on the fly. The waist band holds in place and they don’t sag. They definitely flatter too.

Q. Are the bras supportive for spinning, running, yoga? High intensity workouts?
A. I have a small chest and find the Topanga bra to be really supportive (it is advertised as light-medium support). Given there is no padding, nor an extra bra section within the top, I’m not sure how much the top would support a larger chest in high intensity workouts though.

Q. Do the leggings stay opaque when you bend over and stays up?
A. The leggings and shorts absolutely stay in place - I hate it when you’re in a spin class and forever having to pull up sagging leggings. No issues here. The material is thick enough that they certainly don’t thin when you bend down, but feel light enough for all types of workout.

Q. Can you stretch comfortably?
A. For sure. I have worn the leggings and shorts to spin, practice yoga, out walking and for lounging around at home. They allow for free and comfortable movement across the board.

Q. How do you find the quality? How does it wash?
A. The fabric is great so they stay soft and the colours pop after washing.

Q. Would you recommend Girlfriend to a friend?
A. Without a doubt. They have become my favourite brand to wear, so I would absolutely recommend. I’m keen to buy lots more of the range too.