Instructor Testimonial: Skimmed Milk Sports Bras

Instructor Testimonial: Skimmed Milk Sports Bras

09 July 2020

Before we stock any brand on the Boom Shop it is road-tested by our instructors to ensure it is seriously comfortable, super supportive and flattering, and oh-so chic. In short, is it the perfect workout gear?

Our Boom Cycle instructor Soulla, put Skimmed Milk Sports Bras to the test, then gave us the full low down.


A female spin instructor poses wearing a skimmed milk sports bra


Q) Why do you love wearing Skimmed Milk?

A) I love wearing Skimmed Milk because it’s super supportive, the back is stylish which makes me feel cute! They have a great range of colours which makes them really unique.

Q) Does it *just* fit? Or does it flatter?

A) Yes it fits really well, and true to size. I think it’s really flattering especially from the back.

Q) Are the bras supportive for spinning, running, yoga, high intensity workouts?

A) Yes it is very supportive, the high neck makes me feel confident to jump around. I think it would be great for all types of exercise.

Q) Can you stretch comfortably?

A) Yes once it’s on, it is very snug, a bit tight to get over the head but not a negative as when it’s on it really holds you up and you can move about comfortably.

Q) How do you find the quality? How does it wash?

A) Yes washes really well, colour stays bold after washing. The quality is good.

Q) Would you recommend the Skimmed Milk sports bras to a friend?

A) Yes I would 100% recommend skimmed milk sports bra, they’re fashionable and practical!