Mental Fitness: Dealing with uncertainty (Week 2)

Mental Fitness: Dealing with uncertainty (Week 2)

28 January 2021


Welcome to week 2 of Mental Fitness month! Created in conjunction with our friend James Lamper, Clinical Director of EmotionMatters, throughout February we are bringing you a collection of mental health tips and advice.

We hope you were able to use national ‘Time To Talk Day’ to either talk to somebody about your own mental health or be there for friends or family that needed to talk with someone.

This week we continue our MENTAL FITNESS feature, in conjunction with James Lamper, Clinical Director of EmotionMatters, and explore how to deal with the uncertainty that this crazy lockdown experience is bringing to our lives.


We are now well into our third national lockdown, and some people may have adapted to lockdown routines at home. However, many of us may be struggling with the constant changes to our lifestyle, and as a result, developed negative emotional reactions that are impacting our lives.

We know that there will be an end to lockdown and the coronavirus, and a return to normal life, but we don’t know exactly when this will be, or how life will be different. After 11 months of moving in and out of restrictions, the uncertainty of what the future holds may leave us feeling frustrated and helpless.

We may start thinking in a negative and catastrophic way, or feeling anxious when we think about the future. These experiences can lead to low mood, difficulty concentrating and an inability to relax.

Here are some tips to help you better tolerate uncertainty, keeping you more connected to the present day, so you can cope better with life in lockdown.

Create a routine - finding certainty in a routine can help you feel more grounded, whether it’s having your morning coffee while reading a book before you start your day, setting aside some time everyday for exercise, or watching your favourite TV series at the same time every week.

Find activities you enjoy - focusing on fun activities that bring you joy can help you focus on something other than your worries and negative thoughts. Immerse yourself in a book, play an instrument, or sing and dance while cleaning or cooking, as you listen to a pumping Boom playlist.

Do some daily exercise - exercising releases endorphins, which can increase energy levels, improve mood and reduce stress. Joining the Boom team for an online Apex ride, going for a run, or pumping out a home workout, all get your body moving can help you cope with uncertainty.


If you, or someone you know, needs a little extra support to get on top of some mental health issues, EmotionMatters has a large experienced team of counsellors, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists who can help you move towards mental wellness.

To coincide with national ‘Time To Talk’ day on February 4th, EmotionMatters are offering all Boom riders, and their friends and family, two sessions free when they choose to start therapy and purchase an initial block of 6-sessions.

All you need to do is go to the EmotionMatters website and book a free assessment call. On the call mention BOOM FEBRUARY OFFER, and after your initial free 30-minute session with one of the therapists, if you decide to move forwards with an initial block of 6-sessions, you will get 2 extra sessions for free.

All sessions are online from the safety of your home during lockdown. Make sure you book your assessment call before 28th February 2021, and all initial blocks of therapy must start before 31st March 2021 for the offer to be valid.