A group of people are taking part in a spin class

Tips for New Riders

08 February 2023

We know that coming to a new class for the first time can be daunting but don't fear, we've got you! You'll be ready and raring to go in no time. 

Arriving for your first class

If it's your first time at Boom Cycle we ask you to arrive 20 minutes before class to allow enough time to get you checked in, show you around the studio and attend our pre class induction. Cycling shoes are provided along with lockers, sweat towels and water refill points. 

You'll need to make your way to studio with your cycling shoes in hand 10 minutes before your class to attend our new rider induction. If you are new and not in the induction, you will not be permitted to ride due to health and safety for our riders and instructors.

What to expect from our new rider induction

Bike set up - ensuring that your bike is set up in a comfortable and effective position for you. A sweat towel and hand weights will also be set up on your bike for you.

Clipping in - helping you to clip your cycling shoes in and out of the bike pedals

Resistance controls - how the bikes resistance controls work and when you might want to use them

Boom moves - taking you through some of our signature Boom party moves using your hand weights

Riding to the beat - our classes are designed to the beat of the music but please ride where you feel comfortable

Class etiquette - we want every rider to be able to cut loose without distractions. Phones must be left in lockers, wearables must be put into cinema mode and we ask you to refrain from chatting to your ‘neighbour’ during class.

Cutting loose & enjoying the ride - At Boom Cycle we’re all about leaving your worries at the door, cutting loose and having fun.

By the end of the induction you’ll be confident with your set up and ready to ride. As the class starts the lights will be turned down low, no-one is watching you, feel the vibe & enjoy your first party on a bike with us!

During your first class

Take your first class at your own pace. Don't feel like you have to keep with the beat for the whole class, don't feel that you have to join in with all of the choreography, take it slow if you need to. The lights will be low and the tracks will be spinning, enjoy the music and the vibe! 

After your first class

You are going to feel incredible! Endorphins are going to be spinning around your body and you’ll be eager to book your Boom Cycle ride.

You're going to be pumped but sweaty so head to the changing rooms to take a shower and make use of our complimentary shower towels, premium body wash, shampoo & conditioner. There are also lots of mirrors, hairdryers and hair straighteners to make sure everyone can get ready to take on the rest of the day. 

Before you leave don't forget to come and chat with us and let us know how you found your first class. We love chatting to our new riders and welcoming you into the Boom Cycle family. Let us know any feedback, questions or book in for your next ride. We're always happy to help!

What's next?

We hope that you loved your first class with us and that we'll be seeing you again soon! You can chat to the studio teams to discuss class pack or membership options and book in for your next class. Or you can head to the website and browse and book for yourself.